Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Sorry My House Is Clean

Or maybe I should apologize if my house is messy.  I'm not sure which it is anymore.
It's confusing when I try to measure myself up to the ever changing standards I see, hear, or read.

What kind of person am I?
What kind of person would you think I am?

What if my house is messy?
What if my house is clean?

What if I take my children to the park instead of staying home to clean?
What if I wash dishes while my children play... without me?

What if I home school my children?
What if I send them to school?

What if I'm single?
What if I'm married?

What if I fully engage in every activity my children participate in?
What if I am on my phone while my children are with me?

What if I buy only organic and make all our meals from scratch?
What if I only eat processed food and frequently eat at McDonalds?

What if I live in a brand new home with all things shiny and new?
What if I live in a subsidized apartment filled with second hand items?

What if I work?
What if I'm a stay-at-home parent?

 I've included many of the areas where I have judged myself, found myself judging people or heard judgement and felt judgement from others.

It's time to S.T.O.P.

Not easy, I know.  Trust me when I say I know.

In a world where information, opinions, and pictures can be shared in less than a second,
we NEED to STOP building ourselves up by putting others down or putting ourselves down by building others up.

How can we stop?

Pray for more understanding, compassion, guidance and love.

Read your bible.


Make a list of priorities and stick with them.

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Allow others to make mistakes.

Never stop learning.

Ask for help, accept help, and help others.

You are doing the best you can.

They are doing the best they can.

Let us be a people that models kindness, empathy and grace.